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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Deux Menage-a-Trois!

Hey, that's all the French I know. Unless you would like me to order lunch. Which I can do. Bagette. Fromage. See? Practically bilingual, I am. (That's counting English as a language I speak, which I'm sure some would argue....)

I did not write last night. I was busy. Because I have not yet figured out quite enough ways to fritter away my spare time, I got Yahoo! Messenger installed and found myself getting down-n-dirty with some of my fellow bloggers.

First it was a wild (if brief) romp with Mindy and Jilbur. I couldn't keep up. This is both the fun and the curse of blogging; you meet folks you adore, then get all bummed that they live so freaking far away. But there may be a real-life meeting in the works, and if that happens, look out, Boston! I have a feeling the three of us could do some serious damage (or at least draw some very disparaging looks from passersby).

After these fair ladies had left me because they, you know, have lives, I came across Genuine. Who has a web cam, and uses it. So I got to see him shoot milk out his nose! Okay, not really, but it was pretty funny to watch him laugh in herky-jerky slow-mo webcam time. He is adorable, as are his two children whom I got to watch, puppet-like, run in for goodnight kisses, and then Mrs. G. showed up and it was all so adorable I wanted to kill myself. But the mesmerizing images of the webcam kept me right at the computer, giggling. So I talked Gen's ear off for a while, then I did the same to Mrs. G., and eventually I felt so warm and fuzzy that I had to go sleep it off.

By the way... got a problem? Genuine will solve it for you. Maybe. Well, he'll definitely offer. Though I'm thinking I may have offered to slay a vorpal bunny in his honor and chances are excellent that that's never gonna happen, so we may be even. (Though, Gen? Where's my promotion?? I thought last night was special, baybeeeee!)

Oh, did you think from the title that this was going to be a... uhhhh... action post? Shame on you. Like Kira, pretty much all I have left to me now is offhand remarks about questionable dinner foods. Alas.