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Friday, June 25, 2004

Houston, we have... clean pits!

Another exciting day of progress here at Post Op Central.

It is barely 11:00 AM, and I have been up! I have eaten crackers! I have had nice cold water! I have showered! I have shaved my armpits for fear of frightening visitors if I didn't! I have donned the silky soft loungewear that Jill and Mindy sent me! (I love them, the loungewear and the ladies, and I wish to marry them all!) I have seriously considered vomiting! But I haven't! Yet! Still considering! Stay tuned!

I have a visitor coming in about an hour, which is probably just enough time for me to get downstairs and... ummmm... die... before she arrives.

Anyone who leaves me a nausea-battling tip that works will win my undying gratitude....