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Saturday, October 23, 2004


I went back. Spent the whole morning doing it, actually. And now? I'm so afraid. Hold me.

What does it say about me that--upon reading people saying perfectly nice things about me--I turn around and deliberately insert myself into a situation where people are going to make me cry? There is something very, very wrong with the self-preservation portion of my brain. I suspect the bill-paying portion of my brain has taken it hostage.

I had a bid on my first item before I'd finished putting my listings up. The bidder has 0 feedback. And it gets better! She registered... yesterday! I'm just waiting for the email. "Hi!!! I live on Venus, and was wondering if you might ship to my friend's cousin's daughter's baby on Neptune, perhaps even before I pay you??? Also, do you accept barter payments like roosters?" With any luck she'll be outbid before it comes to that.